Whether a new construction, maintenance, management, FERC regulatory project, HGA will be your best resource for pipeline and other linear project work. We empower our customers to make informed decisions in regard to project planning. Rely on HGA to provide custom packages unique to your project needs.

Right of Way

HGA can provide complete land services from project inception through commissioning.

We perform large and small diameter pipelines, telecommunications, electric utility, water, sewer and other linear projects. Our team can serve all your needs including stand-alone right-of-way projects or fully integrated services with HGA’s other engineering and field service professionals.

Our versatile group specializes in ROW acquisition projects and making sure they run smoothly. We pay attention to detail throughout all stages of the process to ensure goals are being met while establishing positive relationships.

Our experienced right of way professionals offer specialized field services throughout the industry. Whatever your ROW need, we can handle it.

Our services include:

  • Route Studies and Estimates
  • Title/Ownership Determination
  • ROW Expansion
  • Permitting
  • ROW Acquisition
  • Public Agency Coordination
  • Database Management
  • Condemnation Assistance
  • Construction Coordination
  • Due Diligence Studies
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Appraisal Assistance
Pipeline Surveying

HGA can provide the necessary professional land surveying services required for pipelines, telecommunications, electric utility, plant sites, and other properties. We utilize the latest technology including electronic field books, Total Station and global positioning systems (GPS). All survey work conforms to the industry standards as well as those set forth by the client. HGA provides high-quality survey services to support a variety of oil and gas production needs.

As our initial surveys are conduced we utilize electronic ROW Trackers in conjunction with our GIS Database to assure our survey crews know which properties they have access to and when. This is shared via our ArcGIS server and also on our SharePoint sites so anyone involved in the project can look to see what has been surveyed and where our crews are in the process of surveying.

As projects are being constructed, an as-built survey is be performed to tie down the exact location of the system and subsequently used to prepare the final as-built drawings. We can then share this through our ArcGIS Server and SharePoint sites to provide our clients with real-time access to data as it is received and documented.

Our services include:

  • Route Reconnaissance & Preliminary Surveys
  • Environmental Support Surveys
  • Boundary & Topographic Surveys
  • Construction Staking & As-built Surveys

Preliminary Survey

  • DOT & Railroad Commission Permits
  • Easement & As-Built Plat Production
  • Location Mapping of Existing Utilities

Oil & Gas Well Survey

  • Flowline Routing & Staking
  • Limited Damage Release Plat
  • Mineral Unit Survey
  • Well Permit Plat

Pipeline and Linear As Built Survey

  • Professional Documentation
  • Underground Utility Identification
  • Smart PIG Anomaly Geolocation
  • 3D Pipeline Weld Mapping

Facility As-Built Survey

  • Infrastructure & Material Management
  • FEMA Floodplain Elevation Mapping
  • Site Grade Staking & Bluetopping
  • P&ID Walkdowns
Pipeline Routing

Let us provide you with an accurate picture of your project. From inception through commissioning, we develop a project that meets the clients’ goals and regulatory requirements. Environmental considerations are taken into account and our team utilizes resources that benefit both the client and the project.

Our experienced team has worked in the industry for years. We know the importance of keeping your project on-schedule and within budget. We provide accurate and detailed construction alignment sheets, permit and engineering drawings, and easement plats to ensure your project gets done right the first time.

Design and Mapping

Our staff works closely with leading industry professionals and supported by a world class team of data technicians, CAD designers, project managers, and engineers. We utilize the latest in geodetic technology and data management software to assist clients with mapping & design, advanced material tracking, regulatory compliance, and unique solutions that transcend industry challenges.

The engineering group performs all calculations and reports necessary for the design and mapping groups to prepare a complete drawing package. Any line sizing, material requirements, road crossing, equipment sizing, hydrotest requirements, etc. are determined by our engineering group and provided to the mapping and design teams.

The mapping and design groups use the survey and engineering data with the latest design software to produce alignment sheets, permit drawings, property plats/sketches and facility design drawings. Our team gives clients the capability to view current changes, documentation, and details.

Construction Management

HGA provides a full range of construction management services. In addition to construction oversight, subcontract administration and quality control, HGA can provide support services such as safety, field materials procurement, material control & expediting, cost control and scheduling. Maintenance of a safe worksite, coordination of contractors and assessment of construction progress are key functions of the construction manager in ensuring a successful project.

We keep compliance and safety a top priority to deliver you a quality project. Our team is experienced working on multiple projects with third parties. Each project is customized to ensure deliverables are met on-time and within budget.

Pipeline Inspection Services

We offer quality linear and pipeline inspection services that ensure our clients a return on investment. Our inspection services help manage and prevent threats, making sure pipelines and facilities operate at maximum efficiency. We make sure the materials being used meet all regulatory and client specifications. As an integral part of safety, vendor inspection services and inspection services are important from pre-qualification to on-site services.

HGA understands it is important to maintain a smooth operation. Whether your pipeline transports gas or liquid, our services aim to reduce problems and downtime. We work hard to ensure that accurate steps are taken to make sure preventative occurrences don’t happen.

Our team of dedicated and experienced personnel makes sure that safety comes first. Whether a single pipeline or facility inspector, our personnel work together to deliver you a top-quality result.

Unmanned Aerial Systems

HGA’s Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) solutions deliver hands-off piloting visualization from takeoff to landing, delivering highly precise points to use for design, calculations, and certifications from one short flight. Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) solutions are more flexible and cost-effective than piloted aircraft since they can be deployed repeatedly, rapidly and at reduced costs.

Whether a new pipeline is going online or an existing pipeline needs inspection, our UAV solutions will help you collect accurate data, resulting in more accurate project plans, models and operations. We can do this for you and have done so from construction sites and route development to infrastructure inspection and environmental studies, in the remotest of locations; your pipeline gets off to the best possible start.

Once your pipeline has been operating for a few years, you’ll need to check it’s still in good condition. Our unmanned aerial systems make the inspection process quicker and safer. We do this by pre-programming waypoints for flights using Mission Planner software, which allows the drone to scan the site and capture high resolution images to give you a better understanding of your operation.

The technology can help you with a wide range of issues, from right of way inspections to surveillance. In an infrastructure inspection program, we used infrared equipment and visual cameras on the UAV to find hot spots in addition to other infrastructure faults. With our ROW/route development accuracy, we can gather high-resolution map images necessary for a better understanding of operations, resulting in more accurate project development plans.

Unmanned flights can survey your projects in hours, instead of days, so projects can be completed faster and more cost-efficiently.

For more information about how to decrease pipeline monitoring costs, please call us or send us an e-mail.