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HGA has successfully completed highly complex engineering, procurement, and construction projects. Whether it is an industrial initiative, a CNG station development, or a secure government project, we present solutions that cater to your every need. There is no scope that HGA cannot handle.

CNG Fueling Stations

The discovery and development of Gas Shales in several states has opened a wide array of opportunities for growth in the alternative fuel sector, specifically in the areas of production and distribution of compressed natural gas (CNG). Commerce and industrial interests are particularly well positioned to take advantage of the benefits of the burgeoning trend toward widespread CNG use. Louisiana and Oklahoma have far reaching tax credits to spur the development of CNG Fueling facilities and vehicle conversion technologies. Other states are attempting to do the same. There is developing national tax policy on this issue.


  • CNG is plentiful. Technology has unlocked vast amounts of natural gas locked in shale formations - enough to ensure the U.S. an inexpensive, reliable, and abundant alternative energy source for generations to come.
  • CNG reduces America's dependence on foreign oil. Every gallon of compressed natural gas used to power vehicles in the U.S. is one step toward America's energy independence.
  • CNG is a proven, cleaner fuel. It's a viable alternative to gasoline and diesel powered engines, capable of reducing exhaust emissions significantly by 95%. The development of the nation's natural gas shales, when added to traditional natural gas fields, have increased the life of America's known natural gas reserves to as much as 150 years. Gas producing states must help lead the way to U.S. energy independence.

Further support to these findings can be found in the article, “Compressed Natural Gas as a Vehicle Fuel – An Attractive Alternative,” written by two professional engineers at Hunt, Guillot & Associates and published in the October 2011 Edition (three-part series) of the Independent Oil & Gas Association of West Virginia's IOGA News.

Description: CNG AS A VEHICLE FUEL as pub by IOGAWV.pdf- View “Compressed Natural Gas as a Vehicle Fuel – An Attractive Alternative”

Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Station

The discovery and development of Gas Shales in America has opened a wide range of opportunities for growth in the alternative fuel sector: specifically in the production and distribution of natural gas.
CNG contributes to a large piece of HGA’s growing portfolio.   We realize the opportunities CNG offers along with the resourceful benefits.  It is the cleanest-burning conventional fuel, produces environmental and economic benefits, and capable of reducing exhaust emissions at an astonishing 90%.  With the capabilities essential to meet the developing needs within the industry, HGA supports the total value added of CNG and is an advocate for its growth within the United States.
The framework of our CNG total business solutions and holistic approach initiate effective and efficient services from at strategic planning and from strategic planning to detailed project controls.  Our team places onboard gas detectors, tank safety valves, and other protective devices in order to safely monitor and regulate the natural gas productions.   

The affordable, reliable, and abundant alternative energy source is the largest natural gas find in history. Since World War II, the transportation fuel has been refined, enhanced, and proven to be a convenient and extremely safe process for transportation.  CNG is the cleanest-burning conventional fuel, reduces exhaust emissions up to 90%, and costs approximately 50% less than gasoline or diesel.  The popularity of CNG is continually rising and the developing national tax policy on CNG use has geared commerce and industrial usage.  Our focus on operations syndicates engineering expertise with environmental guidelines to locate and extract natural gas.  Our coordination between all departments enables us to recover and process the natural gas in the safest and most efficient approach.  HGA knows that the safety factors associated with any type of gas. 

The natural gas is drawn from domestically drilled natural gas wells, reducing our dependence on foreign oil by taking us one step closer to leading America’s energy independence.  Due to the technological advancements, hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have enabled the development of a valuable alternative to gasoline and diesel powered engines.

CNG is a total-value and inherently safe fuel that offers the advantages of economically and environmentally beneficial, affordable, and most importantly: domestic.  We seek to build a long-term CNG relationship with you to accelerate growth and create numerous incentives for the American government, your businesses, and consumers. 

HGA CNG Projects

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Meter / Regulator Skids

HGA performs the structural fabrication, piping fabrication and complete building, electrical and instrumentation assembly to the customer’s exact specification.

We have packaged 8”, 6” and 4” Ultrasonic Meter Runs dual and single pass with inspection enclosures – all complete with Gas Chromatographs, Moisture Analyzers, Regulators, Actuator Controlled and Manual Valves.

  • All piping is 100% xray, hydro tested, sand blasted, reamed, primered and painted.
  • HGA’s base skids are built of steel I-beam and floor plate 100% welded to exceed load with removable tie down/lifting lugs.
  • Our buildings are custom assembled with turbine vents, wall louvers, quick open double front door and single side door. All exiting pipe and wiring are wall seal booted.
  • All wiring is rigid metal conduit or flexible steel braided encased.
  • All tubing and compression tubing fittings are 304 stainless steel, rigidly secured to eliminate vibration or pulsation movement.
  • All instrumentation an electrical components are also rigidly secured to welded and bolted supports to better withstand long haul trucking and provide easier access to monitors and controls.

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EPC Projects

HGA has the experience and expertise to provide the engineering, procurement, and construction for your small project needs. Our ability to design and manage all aspects of your project including subcontracting the construction will provide you a quality product that will meet budget and schedule requirements.

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