Biomass & Renewable

The unprecedented and current need for alternative and renewable energy has become very prominent in our services. We provide enhancements across the energy spectrum while in full compliance with state and federal regulations. Our best-practices will enhance cost savings, supply advanced energy saving products, and improve your way of generating heat and power.

Biomass Power

In traditional biomass to power plants wood feedstock is burned to boil water & produce steam. The steam is used to turn turbines which generate electricity. Companies that produce wood products and paper have taken advantage of biomass energy for decades. HGA has assisted a number of companies in engineering, constructing, & operating this type of biomass facility

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Pellet Mills

Pellets are a form of renewable generally created from wood, but also able to be produced from other sources such as agri-wastes and animal litter. Raw materials are ground, dried, and pressed to produce pellets. The resulting pellets can be used in industrial settings such as co-firing with coal or used in residential wood burning stoves. There are several grades available, mainly differentiated by the level of ash produced and btu value. HGA is very knowledgeable in the development, engineering, & construction of pellet mill facilities.

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