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June 2014

HGA: A Leader and Supporter for the Growth of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

HGA has had a board representative on the Natural Gas Vehicle for America (NGVAmerica) committee since 2012. Currently, HGA Vice President of Sales, Mike Causey, serves as a board representative. The national organization promotes the development of natural gas for vehicle fuels. As one of over 200 companies involved, HGA’s goal is to support the education and advocacy of the benefits of CNG while creating a profitable environment for the market. Mike commented that: “HGA realizes the need to develop alternative fuels. We see our involvement in NGVA as an avenue to support this development which benefits our oil and gas clients. HGA has provided services in more than twenty-five states and our desire is to support the development of CNG stations across the entire U.S.”


Mike recently went to Washington D.C. to discuss the benefits of CNG with law makers. “The direction of CNG should be pushed on a national level. Many states offer incentive programs that companies, fleet owners, and users are unaware of,” Mike commented. “For example, the State of Louisiana offers users a credit of 50% of incremental costs for vehicles that run solely on CNG or for the conversion of vehicles to run on CNG. The purchase of fueling equipment such as compressors, storage tanks, and dispensers for public and private fueling stations can also have a substantial return to the owner.”


Texas, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania (to name a few) also all have attractive incentives for CNG. During the 2014 State of the Union Address on January 28, President Barak Obama stated that: “Congress can help by putting people to work building fueling stations that shift more cars and trucks from foreign oil to American natural gas. My administration will keep working with the industry to sustain production and job growth while strengthening protection of our air, our water, and our communities.”


HGA Business Development representative, Josh Walker, recently attended a meeting presented by Louisiana Clean Fuels. Held at the Louisiana Municipal Association in Baton Rouge, there were representatives at all levels of involvement from around the State. Since the discovery of gas shale in several states, a vast amount of opportunities are currently available in the alternative fuel sector. Josh commented that: “It was really important for companies, owners, and users to get together and discuss possible opportunities. Louisiana Clean Fuels is taking initiative to develop a plan for CNG Infrastructure throughout the state and it’s important to hear input from all parties involved. It was a collaborative meeting to figure out concerns, where stations are needed, and how we get there.”


Josh and others in attendance broke out into regional groups to discuss the needs of each area. “A lot of people are not aware of the benefits of CNG. In addition to cost savings, CNG is a clean, plentiful, combustible fuel that reduces exhaust emissions up to 95% while reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil,” stated Josh. Public awareness and collaboration is key. The first step is to push CNG locally and get the local chambers of commerce involved. Josh has recently joined the Leadership Lincoln Committee, a subgroup of the Lincoln Parish Chamber, that focuses on the growth of the area. Josh continued, “The mission of the group is to develop, sustain, and support the growth of the area to benefit the community as a whole. I hope to educate not only the group, but the community members as well about the benefits of CNG. The more people that can learn and understand the benefits, the more likely they are to get involved with the development of the fueling infrastructure. The opportunity exists to be one of the first CNG fueling locations on the I-20 corridor east of Bossier City.”


Since HGA’s first CNG project in 2005, HGA’s in-house engineering, pipeline services, and EPC experience makes us a Louisiana leader for infrastructure design, consulting, and management for CNG projects. The Engineering that goes into the development of a CNG station is crucial to the success of the station. HGA is able to provide all necessary aspects of the design and development stages. During the initial stages, Civil engineering is crucial for permitting different sites to satisfy local and state codes and regulations. The mechanical and electrical groups determine the size and types of the fueling equipment while the structural group designs the foundations that support the equipment. “Having these resources under one roof allows HGA to provide a streamline design effort. This approach has allowed us to have seamless transitions from each stage to produce a quality product,” stated Mike Causey.


There are currently twenty-three CNG fueling stations in Louisiana. HGA has been involved in different capacities such as engineering, permitting, procurement, and construction for seven of these stations that serve both the public and/or private sectors. “Josh has been instrumental to the development of CNG projects at HGA,” Mike said. “Since his onboarding, he has really been our voice for CNG. I enjoy pursuing opportunities with him because he’s so enthusiastic and passionate about what he does.”


HGA’s involvement in both the local community and on a national level is important for not only the growth for HGA, but for CNG as a whole. Today, there are nearly 115 million CNG fueled vehicles and 1,325 CNG stations in the U.S., and the demand is continually growing at a fast pace. Public, private, and independent users of CNG can all benefit from the conversion.


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